2019 Memorial day excitement

This year in celebration of Memorial Day, the NOTS Logistics Marketing Group teamed up with Code 3 Spices, Inc. in Collinsville, IL to thank our customers for their business while thanking our First Responders for everything which they do for us as American citizens.

We sent out these wonderful gifts of BBQ Rubs and Sauces to 90 customers of NOTS Logistics.  We had quite the assembly line made at the corporate office, with one assembly line worker, making this all happen.  Thanks, Karen for the great work and thanks Code 3 Spices for the great product and a superior cause!

Pictured to the left is Karen Kirchner with Chris Bohnemeier, one of the Founders of Code 3. Code 3 products can be found at www.code3spices.com where you can order some of these great tasting rubs and sauces and read about the philanthropic cause behind this brand.

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