NOTS thanks the republic of tea with minister wellness area

We can’t say this enough…NOTS Logistics’ success is a result of one leading factor – our people.  Our Culture of Caring has been the foundation of our business since day one.  We invest in our Customers, Co-Workers and the Community because their success is our priority.  We live this philosophy every day, and our recent investment in The Republic of Tea is a great example.

The Republic of Tea was the first warehouse customer of NOTS Logistics.  Our core values align as both companies understand that success is dependent on one main factor – people.  We knew we’d have a longstanding relationship because we both choose to put people first.  Invest in your Customers, invest in your Co-Workers and invest in your Community and you will see them, and your company, grow tremendously.

NOTS Logistics recently constructed a minister wellness area for The Republic of Tea (ministers are The Republic of Tea employees) as a “Thank You” to this valued business partner.  This investment by NOTS Logistics and the Kirchner Family of Companies not only supports our partner, but it also supports their commitment to invest in their people.

“Over the years, The Republic of Tea has grown from a customer to part of the family,” said Andy Kirchner, President of NOTS Logistics.  “This relationship has afforded both of our businesses a great deal of success, and we wanted to express our gratitude to The Republic of Tea for their trust in NOTS Logistics.”

To learn more about The Republic of Tea, visit their website at

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