the benefits of the truck driving profession

Are you looking for a career change? If you are looking for a job that offers a variety of benefits and includes competitive pay, you should consider the truck driving profession.

Truck drivers can rest assured that their jobs are safe, as they have job security. The trucking industry has experienced a shortage of drivers over the past decade. The average truck driver is 55 years old, which is why the American Trucking Association and companies are working to attract younger drivers. Another benefit is the affordability to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). You do not need a collegiate degree to be a truck driver, only a CDL. The course typically takes around 7 weeks to complete.

Competitive pay is another key benefit. Due to the need of drivers, companies are always trying to recruit and retain experienced safe drivers. The longer a driver remains with a company, typically the more they will make. Many employers also offer safe driving incentives, as well as bonuses for referrals and certain loads carried or miles travelled. A majority of companies also provide their drivers with medical insurance, life insurance, dental and vision insurance and great retirement plans. Depending on the company, drivers may also receive paid vacation and paid holidays; at NOTS Logistics, this is a promise we make to our drivers.

This career choice also offers flexibility. A lot of companies allow their experienced drivers to decide what types of hauls they want to drive.  At NOTS Logistics, we offer local shuttle-work, both day shifts and night shifts, whereas nights are paid premiums.  Our drivers run local out and back, same day runs, and for some of our experienced drivers wanting to make more money, we have a few dedicated overnight runs.  If a driver has a family, kids younger or older, we are sure to have a route which works best for their personal needs.

An advantage that is often overlooked is the freedom the job offers. Drivers get to enjoy the open road and have the opportunity to travel across the U.S. If a cubicle is not your style, you should consider a career path behind the wheel. In fact, many truck drivers left office settings because they wanted a change of pace in their workdays. Many drivers also enjoy the sense of community. Truck drivers often connect with one another and form a camaraderie on the road.

At NOTS Logistics, we have a team of over 50 experienced truck drivers and their safety and success is our priority. Each truck is well maintained and equipped with the latest technology to allow you, the professional driver, to be successful.  We are looking to expand our transportation team across all of our locations in 2020. If you are interested in joining the NOTS family, visit:

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