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NOTS Logistics is much more than a trucking company. Through years of honing our expertise in transportation, distribution, and warehousing, we are able to share our success through the workforce management program. NOTS Logistics offers staffing services including interviewing and hiring as well as job and safety training.

Looking for ways to increase both the size and quality of your workforce? Finding the right employees to fill vital positions is an ongoing concern for any business, but they are out there! Sometimes you just need to know where to look.

Enticing with education — Students’ aspirations about life after high school continue to diversify as many look for professional options beyond the traditional path to college. Manufacturers and distributors are uniquely poised to cater to those young people looking to embark on a fulfilling career as long as employers are able to offer educational programs to develop the skills needed for those jobs. Engaging with students is crucial. Creating partnerships with local high schools for hands-on learning opportunities can be the spark that lights a fire in the career aspirations of a talented teen. Collaborations with area two-year and four-year colleges to develop students’ skills can lead them not only to degrees but full-time jobs. Furthermore, continuing educational opportunities for current employees communicates an investment in their success and yours as your industry changes.

Public/private partnerships — Much like coordinating with educators, establishing strong ties with a variety of public entities (city and county administrations, economic development organizations, professional groups) can be integral to targeting the job needs of both a company and a community. The key component for success in this area is ensuring that goals are aligned among the stakeholders. Creating jobs is only the first step. Strategizing for community buy-in is essential, as is follow through. Make sure action follows discussion so that no matter what plan is formed employers and employees can be connected for mutual benefit.

Recruiting veterans — One look at NOTS Logistics’ Red, White & Blue Initiative shows our commitment to honoring those who have served in the military and as first responders, and that’s not just because of our gratitude for their selfless service. It’s also because veterans are a highly skilled, adaptable, and sometimes overlooked workforce. Many are looking to apply their skills to rewarding careers in civilian life. Establishing connections with veteran organizations or education programs for those transitioning from military service can help target the right candidate for your position.

Untapped potential — As the trend of Americans continuing to work into older age rises, consider the benefits your company may be able to draw from their experience. While looking to the future of your productivity by cultivating the interest of the young, also remember that those with skills already developed can be trained and educated to adapt into new roles while also providing examples of maturity and professionalism in the workplace.

At NOTS Logistics, we are here to help with your workforce needs. As we start a new decade in business, let our success be your success through NOTS Logistics’ Workforce Management Services:

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