Over the past few decades, the logistics industry has undergone a significant transformation, particularly in the evolution of 3PLS, or third-party logistics providers, and that evolution is contributing to the growth of companies big and small.

Initially, our industry was primarily focused on transactional activities, like transportation and warehousing. But, as companies began to realize the benefits of outsourcing logistics, 3PLs like us started offering a wider range of services, including customized distribution, workforce, facility management, and reverse logistics. Today, 3PLs have become strategic service partners for many businesses, helping them optimize their supply chain operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

In fact, companies that use 3PLs can save 30% or more on logistics costs compared to businesses that handle logistics in house.

Growing With Our Customers

At NOTS Logistics, our own evolution has been a labor of love, literally. Our family-owned business started in 1981, with one truck hauling goods locally. Since then, we have grown to become a leading provider of supply chain solutions, focusing on delivering customized services that meet each client’s unique needs. Our growth has come along with that of our clients, and we’ve adapted to their needs to continue to support them in the best ways possible.

Today, NOTS helps companies strengthen their supply chain operations through a suite of comprehensive and customizable supply chain management solutions. From full warehousing and distribution to transportation services we give our clients every option to best fit their needs and expand to new markets.

Technology and Logistics

It’s no secret that technology advancements drive change, this includes in the logistics industry. NOTS Logistics uses the latest technology to our client’s advantage. We use advanced software solutions to maximize efficiency for a company’s supply chain operations, providing real-time visibility and control. Our clients can track their shipments, monitor inventory levels, and analyze data to identify areas for improvement at any time.

In today’s marketplace, an increasing number of companies look to NOTS Logistics as a one-stop shop for everything logistics, but we are not a “one size fits” all solution. We analyze each customer’s situation to find the right answers to the right questions. Our state-of-the-art facilities are strategically located in the Midwest and southern United States, allowing clients to move and store their goods closer to their customers. We cut transportation costs, reduce risk, and increase delivery reliability for our clients.

Not Your Mother’s 3PL

The evolution of 3PLs has been a game-changer for the logistics industry, and companies like NOTS Logistics are leading the way. We go beyond what is thought of as typical 3PL servicing by offering a range of solutions that can be customized to meet each client’s unique needs, we are proud to help businesses of all sizes optimize their supply chain operations and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced marketplace.