4 Ways We Stay Safe on the Job

NOTS Logistics is founded on Culture of Caring. As part of that, the safety and well-being of our coworkers and customers is of the utmost importance. Plus, safety plays a vital role in the confidence and trust held for a logistics carrier. At NOTS Logistics we are confident in our promise to deliver products safely to their destination, on time and on budget. Not only can safety offer peace of mind to the customer, but it’s an added measure of knowing they’re making the right choice for their business. Our company is known for its commitment to stay safe both on and off the roads. Some of the core principles we practice to ensure our safety record stays pristine are rather simple, but effective. 

First, We Are Founded On A Culture of Caring

Safety first is one of the principles that drive all actions at NOTS Logistics; it’s integrated into everything we do and we invest time and money into maintaining a safe workplace. Our people are our most important asset, and we strive to keep their well-being our top priority.

Second, We’re Always Learning

We have four decades of consistently refining our safety processes and protocols. Because of this, we’re always learning and adapting to newer, safer ways of working. We do this by providing the latest education and training to our fleet and staff regularly. We never sit still when it comes to safety.

Next – We Go Above and Beyond Expectations

We operate with strong commitment to meet and exceed, OSHA, DOT, and FMCSA recommendations for our teams. Choosing more frequent maintenance schedules that go beyond the normal required check-ins can also help identify and avoid potential safety issues. 

Last, We Encourage Open Communications to Stay Safe

Creating a proactive, safety-focused workplace with open communication serving as the cornerstone of all of our onboarding and training programs gives our coworkers confidence to speak up. We strongly encourage all individuals to identify potential gaps, offer solutions, and make improvements to safety procedures and policies.

A History of Safety

We’ve learned a lot over 40 years. NOTS Logistics keeps our eye on the big picture when striving to deliver the highest standards in safety and quality. Whether it is coming to us or from us, in our warehouses or on the road with one of our trucks, getting our customers’ goods to their destination on time with professionalism and a level of safety that exceeds the industry standard is what we strive for.