top industries that can benefit from third party logistics providers

The diverse services that third-party logistics (3PL) providers offer enable them to partner with clients from a wide range of industries. If a company is in need of a public or private warehouse space, 3PLs can help. If a company is looking to stock their warehouse with experienced workers, 3PLs can help. If a company needs help transporting their products in and out of their warehouse, 3PLs can help. At NOTS Logistics, we have had the opportunity to work with a diverse customer base throughout the U.S. Our team has helped the following industries overcome operational challenges and improve the efficiency of their supply chains:

Automotive & Tire Industry – This industry is extremely competitive, which means the logistics process has to be seamless. Also, the market is ever-evolving. This is why we work directly with our automotive customers to rethink their supply chain operations, creating a system that reduces costs and increases productivity. With our top of the line heavy duty equipment and manpower, we can successfully manage the automotive supply chain process, from production to delivery. Our automotive customers utilize our warehouse space, as well as our customized distribution services.

While NOTS Logistics works in all areas of the automotive sector, a majority of our work falls under tire logistics. We work with tire manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers across the U.S. At our Nashville, Ill. headquarters, our tuggers move an average of 8,889 tires each working day. In GA, we shipped an average of 21,021 tires per day last year. From cross docking to scrapping, our tire specialists can overhaul a tire company’s entire supply chain process.

Agricultural Industry – Companies in the ag industry frequently utilize 3PLs for storage and distribution of products and goods. At NOTS Logistics, we handle and mange a surplus of seed, providing our clients with full batch and/or lot number tracking. We also provide facilities and trailers for seed fumigation and proper disposal. When working with an ag company, the 3PL must have the proper resources to manage both hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals in both bulk or small containers. For our ag customers that have bulk supplies for crop and livestock production, we provide warehouse space, as well as inventory management and distribution services. In this industry, sustainability is critical and that is why our team works tirelessly to provide competitive, sustainable services that are in our customers’ best interest.

Food & Beverage Industry – The proper storage and transportation of food and beverage products is a complex process, which is why so many companies choose to outsource these services to a qualified 3PL. NOTS Logistics is a food grade certified 3PL, meaning we can provide a safe, well-maintained supply chain for food and beverage companies. We offer dry storage, industry standard pest control measures, quality control, inventory management, customizable warehouse space and timely delivery to companies.

These are only a few of the many industries that can benefit from partnering with a 3PL, such as NOTS Logistics. Regardless of the industries our clients are in, we take the time to truly know their businesses as if they were our own. In fact, many clients we work with consider us an extension of their staff for this very reason. Contact us today to learn how your business can benefit from our supply chain management services.

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