Logistics operations aren’t always associated with sustainability. Still, with the growing focus on environmental responsibility, the industry is now working to become more sustainable to meet the changing needs of its customers.

Sustainability: Good for Business, Good for All

Several factors drive the shift towards sustainability, including the increased customer demand for more environmentally friendly products and services. Today’s consumers are more conscious of their environmental impact and actively seek out companies that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

Another factor is the cost savings that can be achieved through more efficient and sustainable operations. Sustainable logistics practices can lead to reduced energy consumption, lower transportation costs, and reduced waste, which can contribute to cost savings for the industry and its clients.

Logistics companies are focusing their efforts on several key areas, including renewable energy, such as solar or wind power, to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs, and waste reduction, such as recycling packaging materials and implementing more efficient warehouse management practices.

In addition to customer demand, regulatory and legislative pressures drive logistics companies toward sustainability.

Continuing To Expand Efforts

At NOTS Logistics, we aren’t waiting for new regulations or state laws that mandate changes to our operations. We have already started making changes that are reducing our environmental footprint and increasing the sustainability of our operations.

Our recycling program has recycled over 7,300 pounds of paper and cardboard waste and over 1,100 pounds of plastic, aluminum, and glass throughout our campus since October 2022. These efforts not only conserve landfill space but also reduce energy consumption, water usage, and greenhouse gas emissions rather than produce new paper from raw materials.

NOTS Goes Green - Mockingbird Recycling Center Nashville Illinois 2.jpeg NOTS Goes Green - Mockingbird Recycling Center Nashville Illinois 3.jpeg NOTS Goes Green - Mockingbird Recycling Center Nashville Illinois 4.jpeg NOTS Goes Green - Mockingbird Recycling Center Nashville Illinois 5.jpeg NOTS Goes Green - Mockingbird Recycling Center Nashville Illinois

In 2022, NOTS Logistics launched the North Nashville Recycling Program as part of its sustainability effort.

NOTS will also expand its solar program in 2023 by installing new solar panels in four additional warehouses. This expansion will allow our main campus to be powered almost exclusively by green energy and reduce the current demand for local and statewide power grids.

The reality is that logistics operations need to become more sustainable to meet customer needs, fulfill additional regulatory responsibilities and be better stewards of our environment. Our move towards sustainability is good for the environment and helps our customers meet their obligations, which is good for everyone’s business.