NOTS Logistics continues to embrace sustainable practices by installing additional solar panels this summer on four additional warehouse rooftops at the Nashville, IL location. These added panels showcase their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and promoting clean energy. By harnessing the power of the sun, NOTS can generate renewable electricity to meet a portion of their energy needs, the savings of which can pass on to warehouse customers.

Saving With Solar

With the installation comes an energy savings of 814,453 Kilowatt-hours. This translates into 577 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide, which is equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions of nearly 1.5 million miles driven by average gasoline-powered passenger vehicles and could power 112 homes for an entire year.

“NOTS Logistics’ goal is to help reduce energy emissions and costs for our customers and ourselves,” said President and CEO, Andy Kirchner. “We are thinking about the future and want to be conscious of our environmental impact.”

In addition to customer demand, regulatory and legislative pressures drive logistics companies toward sustainability.

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New Solar Panel Installation at NOTS Logistics in Nashville, IL

Reducing Environmental Impact

The first solar installation at NOTS Logistics took place in 2020, and with the latest installation, the company now has seven buildings supplied with solar panels. Other sustainability initiatives the company has taken include changing over warehouse lighting to energy efficient fixtures and LED lightbulbs, launching an industrial park recycling effort in 2022, and the integration of electric forklifts.

The installation of additional solar panels demonstrates NOTS Logistics’ forward-thinking approach towards environmental conservation and sets a positive example for other businesses in the area. This eco-friendly initiative not only benefits the environment but also helps NOTS in reducing our energy costs for themselves and their customers.

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