Pick, Pack & Re-pack

When companies partner with NOTS Logistics, they realize that order fulfillment does not have to be a hassle with our pick, pack and re-pack services. Our warehouse workers utilize this efficient process to streamline the order fulfillment process. They pick the correct quantities of each item for the order, and then pack it correctly with the proper materials. This system is cost-effective, as it ensures that the package that arrives on each customer’s front doorstep is correct and in quality condition. It also ensures that items are shipped quickly, so that they arrive on time.

For pick, pack and re-pack to work efficiently, all products should be housed in an organized, clean warehouse. At NOTS Logistics, our warehouses are well-maintained, and all inventory is tracked with our Warehouse Management System (WMS). We understand that mistakes cost both your company and your customer, that is why each team member is trained for your specific supply chain for the utmost efficiency. To learn more about how you can increase customer satisfaction and gain an advantage over competitors, contact us today. 

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