saving money with ltl shipping


To make sure supply meets demand, reliable and cost-effective shipping options is paramount. Less than truckload (LTL) shipping can be the best alternative for companies that need to get their products on the road.

As the name implies, LTL shipping is for freight weighing 150 pounds or more that does not require a full truckload (FT) for transport. The company only pays for the part of the trailer it uses rather than the entire trailer, making it a very affordable — and popular — means of shipping. This shipping option became more available following the deregulation efforts of the transportation industry in the late 1970 and early 1980s. Faster than rail shipping, LTL shipping by truck offers more flexibility for a lower cost.

Rates for LTL shipping are typically determined by freight class, weight, and the pickup and delivery locations. Also affecting the cost is the trucking fuel surcharge based on the national average cost of diesel fuel calculated each week.

Another advantage of LTL shipping is the variety of specialized services or accessories available, including lift gates, residential picks-ups and deliveries, freeze protection, etc. Shipments are usually bundled on pallets or packed in crates, both to protect them from damage during shipping and to keep rates minimal, and they are usually shipped through local distribution centers or terminals.

One aspect of LTL shipping to consider is a potentially longer transit time than FT shipping due to the truck being used for multiple shipments instead of one dedicated shipment. However, a way to offset this is with LTL consolidation. That means combining several LTL shipments to fill a truck in order to take advantage of FT rates. This is can be a great cost-savings but also requires a considerable amount of planning so that the need for special services doesn’t increase your rate while racing to meet the demands of retailers or other customers.

To make the most of LTL shipping, especially when consolidation is involved, companies find it advantageous to work with a third-party logistics provider, like NOTS Logistics, with a reliable transportation management system to improve efficiency cost-effectiveness, data analysis, and communication.

How can NOTS Logistics transport your products to their destination quickly, safely, and within your budget? Contact us today so we can find the best services for your particular needs.

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